Straw Poll(s)

I very recently surpassed the 1,000 view mark for this blog, which is surprising to me (I used to be happy to get 7 or 8 views for a post on my old blog).  I’ve been trying to post a new entry every weekend, but I’ve been much busier lately and I have a growing backlog of potential blog post topics.  Rather than race to keep up, I’d prefer to focus on one or two that might be of greater interest to readers.  Also I’d like to get one or two more posts done before I transition to some more meaningful creative work (developing a new project for my website).  With these thoughts in mind, I’m trying an experiment: a reader poll.  Listed below are some possible blog post titles with brief descriptions.  Please vote for the one(s) you think you’d like to read.  Thanks!

Update! It looks like my grand plans are being foiled again by the finicky WordPress (slash Polldaddy) interface … the poll feature seems to allow only 3 choices!  So maybe I’ll need 2 polls.  This just reminds me that computers and technology are put here to frustrate — I mean, to make our lives easier!  So the poll is split in two, but it doesn’t really matter … there are no rules here, and you can suggest another topic if you’d like.

As the old saying goes, vote early and often!


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